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  • What makes my Delta Dirt Shirt its color?
    Your DDS Shirt is hand dyed with red Mississippi Mud and the nitric oxide in the red clay gives the dirt and your shirt that peach color.
  • Why does my Delta Dirt Shirt look marbled?
    Just as dirt has different variations of color so does your DDS Shirt.
  • Should I use bleach when washing my Delta Dirt Shirt?
    It is not recommended that you use bleach on your DDS Shirt as it will erase the color.
  • Will my Delta Dirt Shirt shrink when I wash it?
    Your DDS shirt has been washed 3 times (once with mud) before it gets to you, so it should not shrink. If you’re buying a DDS and questioning between two sizes, we recommend going larger.
  • Does a Delta Dirt Shirt come in 3XL, larger or Tall sizes?"
    If you’re patient, you can custom order the special size. It may take 2-3 weeks for delivery, but we can usually accommodate you.
  • I would like to sell Delta Dirt Shirts in my shop, can I buy wholesale?"
    Sure! Please register on our wholesale tab of our website and will quickly get in touch with you.
  • How do I care for my Delta Dirt Shirt?
    You can machine wash, we recommend using cold water. Don’t use bleach or spot remover as it may likely affect the color.
  • Will my Delta Dirt Shirt fade?
    Over time, perhaps. It’s been washed before it gets to you so the color should remain mostly the same. If it does, consider it bragging rights for being the first to own an original Delta Dirt Shirt.
  • Do you sell children or ladies shirts?
    Not yet. We are still a new company, but we can accommodate custom orders if you’re patient.
  • Do you have any other color than peach?
    Not yet, unless we find another dirt color in Mississippi that’s interesting.
  • Can you tell me more about the design artwork?
    Check out our blog on our website. We share information about the artist and the meaning and stories behind the design.
  • Does it really say, “Don’t pet alligators” in my Delta Dirt Shirt label?"
    Yep, good eye! We never recommend petting alligators, unless you’re a trained professional.
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